Medium Replacement Tray (10 in)


Get our large 10 inch Pizza Chef, which includes these 4 chef’s quality pieces:

  • Patent Pending, Stainless Steel Prep & Insert Tray
  • Aluminum Reflective Lid
  • Die Cast Aluminum Skillet
  • Heat Resistant Handle
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Cook the perfect crispy 10″ inch pizza with Pizza Chef every time. Get brick style oven pizza flavor from your stove top! Pizza Chef is also great for making delicious quesadillas, taquitos, desserts and much more. Pizza Chef brings unlimited pizza possibilities. So your apartment has no oven, no problem. Pizza Chef is the first ever patented stove top pizza cooker. Now you can cook pizza outdoors at a tailgating party, while camping, or even at the beach. Cook perfect pizza on a single stove burner in a college dorm room (if permitted) or at a bachelor apartment with no kitchen at all.

No preheating necessary. Get pizza perfection in half the time in under 10 minutes, not 20-25 minutes like a standard conventional oven. Pizza Chef cooks pizza evenly every time with that desired crispy crunchy texture everybody will love. Make pizza parties more efficient, cook a cheesy pizza for your grand kids or a sophisticated margherita pizza for a hot date. Pizza Chef is the first of its kind! Buy Pizza Chef now!

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