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Always use flour liberally on your dough applying to both sides. This will ensure that your crust doesn’t stick to the insert tray

If you love your veggies very well done it is best to saute them separately prior to adding to your uncooked prepped pizza

If you really want the toppings to bubble and sizzle, we suggest you place your finished pie under the broiler for 2 to 3 minutes.

Note* Never place the handle of your insert tray under direct heat within the oven.

A great trick to getting scrumptious pizza is to drizzle olive oil over the top of your pre-cooked and prepped pie before placing in the PizzaChef.

Never place uncooked meats on your Pizza. All meats will need to be pre-cooked or sauteed prior to being added to your prepped pizza.

Knead your dough or stretch and press it down on the insert tray.  To get a nice round shape, make sure you lift and reset it once before adding your toppings. This will ensure that you have not pressed the dough through the venting holes making it difficult to remove when cooked.

It is a good idea to add a layer of cheese first, then your toppings and garnish another small layer of cheese. This holds the pie together and makes for a beautiful finished pizza!

Don’t be afraid to preheat your Pizza Chef, with the lid on, for about 5 minutes while you prep your pie on the insert tray. Your Pizza Chef is designed for dry cooking

Finding the right cook time depends on how thick your crust is and the quantity of toppings you’ve added.

  • Finding the right balance of heat and time will come with a little practice but rest assured the results will be amazing!

  • Spin or turn the PizzaChef while cooking to multiple positions on the burner to ensure even cooking.

When you notice the crust has risen and is slightly crispy around the edges, you probably have a masterpiece pizza ready to eat. Your cheese should be fully melted and maybe even bubbling. Now you can remove the tray and carefully remove your pizza!

Practice makes perfect. Most customers say that after one or two pies, they get the hang of it and their pizza comes out perfect every time!

PizzaChef is brand new to the market and the makers of the product are no strangers to selling on Amazon.  However, the company has elected to hold off on shipping via Amazon until they are satisfied that Amazon will protect the brand integrity as well as the intellectual property of PizzaChef against copies.  We are truly excited about allowing clients to share their experiences within the review process within the near future.   

In the interim, if PizzaChef is not simply the coolest pizza making device you have ever used just send it back for a full refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
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