Pineapple. Pizza. Together. Fewer words in close proximity to each other, at least in the culinary world, ignite passions quite as quickly or as fiercely as these. Just take a ride in the wayback machine to 2017 for a review of how The Twitter blew-up for most of Feb & March if you need a refresher course. Honestly, this debate has been raging .. sometimes whitehot in its intensity, sometimes just throwing out a good smolder .. but pretty constant nonetheless ever since 1962. That’s the year that .. depending which side of the fence you’re on .. Canada created (yes, we’ll blame the whole country for this even though technically it was just Toronto) the monstrosity or the gloriously insightful moment occurred that gave us ‘Hawaiian Pizza’. This has forever altered the pizza landscape.

Pick a Side Already!

Pro-Pineapple On Pizza!

These are the folks who love them some Hawaiian Pizza. We’ll call these people ‘wrong’. Wait, no. No we won’t… The pro-pineapplers put up a strong argument. Here are some of the highlights:

It’s pineapple! How can you hate pineapple?! Besides, if you’re going to be sinful & gorge yourself on pizza, you should at least have some fruit on it.

The health benefits!! Pineapple contains Vitamins B2 & C, as well as potassium, manganese, bromelain & dietary fiber

The sweet-tartness is a great offset to a savory pizza

Pineapple in Italian culture long predates corn (why are we even talking about this?), buffalo wings, ranch dressing or even pepperoni.

You’ve probably been doing it wrong anyway. You have to mix it with the ‘right’ ingredients. In parts of the country there are those who dip pizza in milk.

Lets Keep Pineapple off of Pizza!

It’s pineapple! Fruit should never be on a pizza unless its name is ‘tomato’

Pineapple should never, ever be heated (exhibit A: teriyaki chicken; the prosecution rests, Your Honor)

It has an overpowering flavor when added to pizza.

It makes the rest of the pizza soggy. Nobody likes soggy pizza.

You’ll lose all your Italian friends. Good thing if you’re trying to escape the mafia, bad thing if you’re being protected by them. Just saying….

Not only is pineapple a fruit, it’s technically a berry. What’s next? Putting raspberries & chocolate on pizza & calling it dessert?

Gordon Ramsey & the president of Iceland settled this in 2017. We can’t argue with Gordon Ramsey. OR the president. We don’t make the rules…..

Is There An End To the Madness?

Short answer: probably not. Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna keep right on lovin’ just on principle. We will say this though .. if more pizzerias went to some actual effort to make the pineapple appealing there might be less acrimony. Would it really be that hard to slice up real pineapples (ok, that is kinda hard….), toss them in a little glaze or seasoning & roast or grill them before they ever see the top of a pizza? Surely that would save some relationships & some bitter, bitter tears.

So what side of the Hawaiian aisle do you live on? Are you team-love-me-some-pineapple or team-never-ever-pineapple? If you’re pro-pineapple, have you found the ‘secret sauce’ way to prep it that actually works to convert some of the nopes?

And whichever team you play for, your Pizza Chef isn’t going to judge, even if you can’t say the same for your friends & family! Check out our products page at our Pizza Chef Shop to find the non-judgy Pizza Chef that’s right for your house.

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