When it comes to eating pizza, you have so many options! Delivery, takeout, restaurants and hole-in-the-wall shops. It’s all so good! But many people, including us, think that homemade pizza is just so much better. Not only is it lighter on your wallet, but it’s quick, easy, just as delicious, and it can even make you feel happier! If you’re still not convinced, take a look at these 7 reasons you should consider making more homemade pizza in your own kitchen rather than buying it from someone else’s. 

  1. It’s Lighter on the Wallet

It’s no secret that making almost any meal at home will be cheaper than going to a restaurant or takeout joint — and pizza is no exception. According to Serious Eats, it costs about $4 per pie to make even a deluxe pizza with interesting toppings, which is far below the cost of going out to eat. You can also add any toppings you want without being charged extra, and you don’t have to worry about tipping! 

2.Make It to Your Liking

From gluten-free and healthy pizza to just the right mix of toppings, if you’re cooking at home, you can choose how to make your pizza. Oftentimes ordering takeout and restaurant pizza means you’re conforming to their types and styles. Making it at home means you control the amount of sauce, cheese and toppings go on it without risking the restaurant getting your order wrong. And if you have allergies or particular preferences, making homemade pizza is simple and customized to you. 

3.It’s Quick & Easy

Making pizza at home is quick and easy! You don’t need to be a master pizza chef to craft a mouthwatering homemade pizza. Don’t have time to make your own dough? Easy. Buy some raw premade dough. Don’t have time to make your own sauce? No problem. Premade sauce works just fine, too. No matter how you make it, from scratch or with a little help, making pizza at home isn’t rocket science, especially if you have a recipe you’re working from. 

4. It’s Versatile 

You can make pizza in the oven, on the grill and even on the stove top! Yes, that’s right — you can make great-tasting, delicious pizza without turning on the oven. And it’s just as quick and easy. Learn more about how to make pizza on the stove here.

5.It’s Hotter

When you make pizza at home, you can eat it while it’s nice and hot! Waiting for delivery means it may arrive cold, and with a restaurant, you’re always at the mercy of how quick your waiter is. Don’t take the chance! 

6.You Can Make It Healthier

When you’re making homemade pizza, you can add whatever toppings you want, which means you can make it healthier (or not so much). You have the option to load that bad boy with spinach, peppers, onions, broccoli and any other healthy veggie your heart desires. Yes, it’s pizza, but no, it doesn’t have to be bad for you — especially when you make your delicious, healthy pizza at home.  

7.It’s a Crowd-Pleaser

There’s just something more satisfying knowing you’re eating something homemade rather than something bought. When you’re feeding family and friends, you put a little TLC and flare into your dishes that pizza joints simply lack. It’s more gratifying knowing someone put in the effort to make this dish for you. 

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