Ever wonder just how many pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year? How about how much the most expensive pizza in the world costs? Or the most popular type of pizza in America? Take a guess and then read on to find out if you got it right. In this article, we’re getting to know one of the world’s favorite foods a little bit better with these 26 deliciously appetizing (and surprising) pizza facts you probably didn’t know before. 

  1. 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second in the United States. 

Nationally, 21,000 slices are eaten in just one minute. That’s a lot of ‘za! 

2.Pizza Hut sells over 2 million pizzas during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days for pizzerias across the United States, so it’s no surprise that Pizza Hut absolutely kills it on this day each year. 

3.The invention of the first pizza is credited to Naples in the early 1500s.

Historians discovered that the poor people of Naples would put slices of tomatoes on dough and include cheese on top to make a low-cost, easy meal to feed their families. 

4.The first pizzeria to open in the United States was called Lombardi’s located in NYC. 

Originally a grocery store, Lombardi’s started selling pizzas in 1905, which led to an explosion of pizzerias across New York City. You’d be surprised to know Lombardi’s is still in business today! 

5.World War II soldiers made pizza as popular dish as it is in the United States. 

World War II soldiers who were stationed in Italy grew quite fond of pizza while there, bringing the idea of this tasty dish back with them to the United States. It wasn’t long until pizza became popular in America. 

6. Chicago-based Pizzeria Uno invented the first deep dish pizza.

This mouthwatering created was created in 1943. 

7. About 13 percent of Amercians eat pizza daily. 

This fact comes from the United States Department of Agriculture. That’s about one in eight Americans! 

8. America’s consumption of cheese has increased by 41 percent since 1995 due to pizza.

The USDA also discovered that a typical two-slice serving of pizza accounts for 37 percent of our daily calcium consumption. 

9. The most expensive pizza in the world costs about €8,300. 

In the United States, this converts to about $12,000. Master pizza chef Renato Viola created the most expensive pizza in the world at his gourmet pizzeria in Italy. It’s toppings include lobster, buffalo mozzarella, caviar, squilla mantis (a Mediterranean shrimp) and pink Australian salt. 

10. The largest pizza in the world measured to be 122 feet, 8 inches in diameter. 

The Guinness World Records recorded this pizza, named “Ottavia,” in Rome, Italy on December 13, 2012. The pizza was gluten-free, made to increase awareness of health-conscious food choices. 

11. You can order your pizza with squid and mayo as toppings in Japan.

Other popular toppings in Japan include corn, potatoes, tuna, bacon and just about anything else you can think of.

12. You can make pizza on the stove! 

Yes, you read that right. Many people think you can only make pizza in the oven or on the grill. But with a revolutionary new pizza-making product on the market called Pizza Chef, cooking pizza on the stove top is easier and quicker than ever! Learn more here

13. In 2013, Domino’s created DVDs that smelled like pizza.

This marketing campaign was created by Domino’s Brazil with 10 stores releasing DVDs that smelled like pizza when you watched them. 

14. In 2001, a pizza was delivered to the International Space Station.

This six-inch salami pizza was delivered by Pizza Hut and was the first pizza to ever be delivered to outer space. 

15. NASA funded and tested a 3D printed that would made pizza for astronauts. 

Now astronauts never have to crave pizza! The 3D food printer created by BeeHex can make a pizza in half the time an average pizza chef can and has a variety of toppings and sauces. 

16. $38 billion worth of pizzas are sold each year in the United States.

America is one of the biggest consumers of pizza around the globe. Three billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. annually. 

17. Most Americans prefer thin crust pizza.

61 percent to be exact. Deep dish is the second most popular with 14 percent of Americans taking a liking to this type. 

18. Dough spinning is a competitive art form — with a purpose. 

Dough spinning is a professional-level sporting event where teams compete in acrobatic competitions at the World Pizza Championships. But it’s not all fun and games! Spinning pizza dough is the best way to evenly spread dough and create a uniform crust, and it helps the dough retain moisture. 

19. 93 percent of Americans have at least one slice per month. 

This fact comes from the USDA. While the percentage is so high, does it come as a surprise? 

20. Meat lovers pizza is the most preferred in America. 

A study by the Culinary Visions Panel showed that out of 500 Americans surveyed, 76 percent favored meat lovers pizza over any other type. 

21. There are four main types of mozzarella.

Mozzarella di bufala is made one type made from the milk of water buffalo in Italy and used on Neapolitan-style pizzas. Similarly, fior di latte is made from cow’s milk. Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese known for its creamy filling. And finally, pizza cheese is the whole-milk or part-skim mozzarella used by most American pizzerias. 

22. Saturday night is the most popular night for pizza-eating. 

This fact comes from UberEATS, which found that most people in the U.S. eat pizza for dinner on Saturdays. 

23. Pizza Hut is the top-selling pizza chain in the United States.

According to Pizza Magazine, Pizza Hut dominates the pizza industry in America with over 5.5 million sales. 

24. There are more than 34 million combinations to create a single pizza from Domino’s. 

Domino’s gives people the variety and customization they crave! 

25. Papa John’s was the first pizza chain to offer ordering online. 

Created in 2001, Papa John’s revolutionized the pizza industry with online ordering. According to the chain, by 2008, Papa John’s earned over $1 billion in ecommerce sales in comparison to $1 million in mobile phone orders. 

26.Peyton Manning owned 31 Papa John’s franchises. 

The former football celebrity owned the chains in the Denver area, purchasing them in 2012 and selling them right before leaving the NFL. 

Pizza facts courtesy of Eat This, Not That and Mental Floss

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