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Finally an Innovation in Pizza!

NOW you can cook PERFECT PIZZA on the STOVE TOP!

Our secret is a special insert tray, perfectly combined with a chef's quality cast skillet and vented cover.


Pizza Chef is the WORLD'S FIRST true stove top Pizza Maker.
It makes perfectly cooked gourmet pizza in UNDER 10 MINUTES!


Prepare your pizza right on the skillet!


Set it in the pan and cover carefully.


Cook for 10 minutes and enjoy!

Endless pizza possibilities

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"Pizza Chef works! I can not believe we are making gourmet pies on the stove top in minutes. The quality is spectacular. Love the fact that you prepare the pie right on the insert tray! "
Jackie (Winter Garden FL)
"Simply Perfect pizza everytime. I use it a few times a week and have gotten very proficient at using it and making incredible pizzas "
"I bought Pizza Chef for my husband who is always complaining about what a pain it was to make home made pizza. INGENIOUS. The product works exactly as advertised and loves it. "
Cindy (Iowa City)
"I originally purchased the smaller Pizza Chef but after receiving it I went back and bought the bigger one too because it worked so well. It is great for cooking frozen pies too. "
Terrance (Burbank, CA)
"If you like low carb pies, try cooking with a cauliflower crusts, this product cooks them perfectly and never burns the bottom. Always comes out simply delicious. The product is really high quality too. "
Jennifer (Sparta, NJ)
"It takes just a little bit of practice but wow after the first experimental pie every single pizza was cooked just right. Make sure you don't make your dough too thick or the lid will touch your cheese topping. Other then that mishap pizzachef an amazing tool and definately produces quality and delicious pizza comparable if not better then our local pizzeria. Great family event too. "
Chandy (Orlando)
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